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Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club Statement on Keystone Pipeline Report

February 3, 2014

Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club
Statement on Keystone Pipeline Report

For Immediate Release

Contact: Haywood Martin, Chapter Chair

The U.S. State Department released its final supplemental environmental impact statement on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline on Friday, January 31, 2014. Contrary to the impression given in some media stories, this is not the end of the decision-making process. Further steps include a recommendation by the Secretary of State and review by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency before a final decision by President Obama.

The Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club in Louisiana has joined the national Sierra Club and many other groups, communities, and individuals in opposing construction of the pipeline. The decision on the Keystone XL pipeline represents a historic opportunity for the US to show leadership on moving away from dependence on dirty fossil fuels toward a clean energy economy.

Foster Campbell applauds the SE Louisiana Flood Protection Authority lawsuit to hold oil companies accountable for wetlands loss

Foster Campbell
30 July 2013

I was happy to hear about the coastal-damage lawsuit brought against the major oil companies by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East. This effort out of New Orleans is long overdue. For years the people of Louisiana have seen how offshore oil exploration and production has damaged our wetlands. The BP spill, as bad as it was, will be viewed as a minor event when placed in the context of years of coastal erosion. Yet, since the destruction of our wetlands has become known and fully understood, no statewide politician except Gov. Dave Treen has tried to hold the oil industry accountable.

Proposal for New Coal Export Terminal in Louisiana Faces Major Setbacks

After one year, the RAM Terminal has still not received Clean Water Act permits from the Army Corps of Engineers

July 11, 2013

Gulf Restoration Network: Scott Eustis, (504) 525-1528 x212,
Sierra Club: Devin Martin, (985) 209-5454,
Public Citizen Contact: Kaiba White, (512) 477-1155,
PREI Contact: Cornell Battle, (504) 578-2319

Public Rights Prevail at LPSC

Monday, 21 May 2013

Contact: Jordan Macha, Sierra Club, 713-299-4300

Casey DeMoss Roberts, AAE, 504-982-0468

Public Rights Prevail at PSC

PSC Moves to Improve Public Participation

BATON ROUGE, LA – The Alliance for Affordable Energy, the Sierra Club, the Louisiana Environmental Action Network, and the League of Women Voters of Louisiana are pleased today after reaching an agreement with the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) over the handling of the energy efficiency rules. In April, the groups filed a lawsuit against the PSC stating that their members’ rights were violated when Commission Chair Skrmetta refused to allow public testimony before repealing the popular law. In the petition, the groups asked the Court to vacate the February 27th vote and call for a new vote on the reconsideration of the statewide energy efficiency rules in accordance with Louisiana’s open meetings law.

In the agreement reached by the groups and the LPSC, the February 27th vote will be vacated and the energy efficiency rules will be up for reconsideration and vote at the June meeting; at this time, the public will be given the opportunity to make public comment.

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