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Katrina Tenth Anniversary Events in New Orleans


There are many events going on in New Orleans around the August 29 Katrina 10th anniversary date. Sierra Club is active in helping to organize the following three events:

10 Year Commemoration March and Second Line: Event begins with the reading of the names of lost loved ones at the Lower Ninth Ward levee breach at Jourdan and a healing ceremony followed by a march through the city and a commemoration program of local speakers and performers.

Lower 9 Resilience Festival: An annual event by, for, and with the citizens of the Lower Ninth Ward to commemorate loss, recognize recovery, bring economic stimulation to the community, and encourage an ongoing commitment to becoming whole again after the devastation that resulted from Hurricane Katrina.

Rhythmic Alchemy Art Healing: Rhythmic Alchemy is a healing art space rooted in authentic African, Native American and South Louisiana cultural and healing traditions to commemorate the 10 years of recovery since Hurricane Katrina. Rhythmic Alchemy uses drumming, spoken word, live muralist, cultural dance, DJ, traditional exhibits, Second Line, masquerade, and collective movement to create a unique experience for all who attend.

Here is the link for locations and times: http://action.sierraclub.org/site/R?i=KKrVxOZMaBJGXQn7Yfj0bA

Understanding the toxicity of oil dispersant mixtures, and the development of alternatives

Date: May 20, 2015
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Location: UL Mouton Hall, Rm 117, Johnston St. & E. St. Mary Blvd. Lafayette, LA.
Enter north door of Mouton Hall. Room 117 is on the left.

In this seminar scientists will present published research regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The effects of oil-dispersant mixtures on aquatic life and research into bacteria-based dispersants will be discussed. A brief history of dispersants and the impacts of oil and dispersants in near-shore environments will also be given. Q & A period and an audience input session will follow the presentations.

Dr. Christopher Green (LSU AgCenter)
Dr. Andrew Nyman (LSU AgCenter)
Dr. Emily Maung-Douglass (Louisiana Sea Grant/LSU)

Acadian Group Lecture Series: RIKI OTT


Acadian Group Lecture Series: RIKI OTT

Dr. Riki Ott, PhD, a former commercial fisherwoman, trained marine toxicologist and "accidental activist" since the Exxon Valdez disaster will be the guest speaker for the Acadian Group of the Sierra Club on Wednesday May 21, 2014.

John Turley Pushes for Bioremediation of Oil Spills

John Turley in Lafayette flyer

John Turley, Petroleum Engineer and offshore industry expert in his presentation for Sierra Club Acadian Group on April 17 identified the sequence of events that caused the BP Macondo well blowout on April 20, 2010 and the subsequent oil spill disaster in the Gulf. In response to questions he discussed the problem of toxic dispersants and the emergence of information about better alternatives. A key issue is that BP used the toxic dispersant Corexit because it had been preauthorized by EPA. News reports at the time said that even when EPA asked BP to use less toxic alternatives BP continued with massive quantities of Corexit because (they said) that was the only dispersant agent available in sufficient quantity.

Offshore Drilling Expert/Author to Speak at Lafayette Southside Library April 17, 2013, 7:00 pm

Eleven Crosses at Grand Isle

April 8, 2013

Contact: Haywood Martin, 337-298-8380, or
Lillian Espinoza-Gala, 337-266-8004

Offshore Drilling Expert/Author to Speak at Lafayette Southside Library
6101 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
April 17, 2013, 7:00 pm

On this third anniversary of the Macondo disaster we can honor not only the 11 who died, but the 115 who survived and all of those who continue to work on this new ultra deep ultra high pressure frontier.

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