Update on La Wildlife and Fisheries Commission consideration of rule banning ATVs in Scenic Rivers

We did good in the La Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting on Oct 3. The meeting room was full with people standing around the sides. We were outnumbered by ATV people who were there in opposition to a rule restricting use of motor vehicles in Louisiana Scenic Rivers. La Wildlife Federation and Sierra Club Delta Chapter were there along with concerned landowners to testify in favor of the rule. The Commission voted unanimously to file a notice of intent to amend the Natural and Scenic River Systems Rules and Regulations. The Commission seems to be leaning toward enacting the rule but they need our support. The hearing record is open for public comments until Nov 29. Please send comments to LDWF supporting the rule to prohibit use of motor vehicles in Louisiana Scenic Rivers. For more info you can go to our earlier story on this website entitled "ATVs Turn Scenic River into a Motorway."

Please submit written comments on the amended rule to:

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Keith Cascio, Scenic Rivers Coordinator, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, LA 70898-9000, or via email at kcascio@wlf.la.gov through Dec. 20, 2013 [the original Nov. 29, 2013 deadline for comments has been extended].

Here is a link to the LDWF explanation of the proposed rule.

Here below is a sample comment letter. Your comments can be very simple as in the following letter, or you can make changes that reflect your own experience and interest in conservation of natural waterways. What counts is that we get a lot of supporting letters to LDWF.

Sample comment letter as follows


Mr. Keith Cascio, Scenic Rivers Coordinator
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
P.O. Box 98000
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898-9000

Your return address here

Re: Support for proposed amendments to the Natural and Scenic Rivers Regulations (LAC 76:IX.105 et seq.)

Dear Mr. Cascio,

This is to express my support for proposed amendments to the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers regulations. The proposed updates make needed changes to one of Louisiana’s most beneficial regulations for protection of our natural waterways. I especially want to express support for section 115.6 which prohibits use of motor vehicles on a designated scenic river. I believe that Louisiana Scenic Rivers should be reserved for traditional uses such as fishing, boating and support of wildlife habitat. Use of wheeled motor vehicles in scenic rivers is contrary to conservation and preservation of the natural resource and discourages more traditional uses of the stream.

add your personal comments here

Thank you for your attention to this issue.


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