Delta Chapter Spring Retreat, April 7 - 9, 2017

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We are creating a wonderful adventure for lucky Delta Chapter members and friends this spring! Our Spring Retreat will be held at Poverty Point Reservoir State Park. The Reservoir State Park is a neighbor of the Poverty Point World Heritage Site near Delhi, Louisiana, "the largest and most complex Late Archaic earthwork occupation and ceremonial site yet found in North America".

Retreat members will spend much of the day on Saturday at the nearby 910 acre Poverty Point archeological park; this is an internationally recognized U.S. National Monument and World Heritage Site. It was named after a nearby plantation when archaeologists began excavations in the early 1900s. Poverty Point comprises several earthworks and mounds built between 1650 and 700 BC by a group of Native Americans now called the Poverty Point culture. These prehistoric earthworks, located just 15.5 miles from the current Mississippi River, are situated on a ridge in northeastern Louisiana. The culture extended for over 100 miles across the Mississippi Delta. Some archaeologists believe that the area was a settlement or trading center, while others think that the construction, a group of six concentric, crescent ridge earthworks and neighboring mounds, was a complex used for ceremonial religious purposes. There will be tram tours and other guided and self-guided walks during the day and the site hosts a museum displaying many of the artifacts found there.

The Reservoir park, where we’ll be staying, (32.483158, -91.493561 GPS coordinates), is a gem in its own right. The 2,700-acre lake that is the center piece for Poverty Point Reservoir State Park offers visitors an outlet for a variety of water sports and a scenic backdrop for waterfowl migration each spring and fall. Birders should bring their binoculars and check lists as the lake is part of the Mississippi Flyway. There is also a nature trail along an off-shoot of Bayou Macon.
Additionally, we may be lucky enough to spot a Louisiana Black Bear! The eastern edge of the park, along Bayou Macon, is known bear habitat and visitors are cautioned to keep all exterior cabin areas and day-use areas cleared of accessible food products and refuse. Bear-proof containers are provided for waste disposal throughout the park. Some of our newly trained Outings Leaders will be leading hikes and possibly paddles in the park, so be prepared to spot wildlife! (bring your own canoes and kayaks, and larger boats for the lake)

Although we don’t normally require payment in advance, the beds will be reserved when they are paid for. We have four cabins, beds for 32 (shared rooms, of course). We can handle a few more hearty souls in sleeping bags or air mattresses on the screened porches or floor areas.

If you are definitely interested, please email, or sign up on the Chapter MeetUp page ( This trip is suitable for children old enough to understand the history and culture of the Poverty Point complex. Check in is 4:00 pm Friday; checkout 11:00 am Sunday.

Pricing: $60 per person includes Fri/Sat night stay with meals (vegan options will be provided if requested). Children sleeping with parent or on floor - $30 (anyone taking a sleeping space is full price). There is no camping available at the cabins, but the park has campsites starting at $18/night. Meals (if camping, or staying elsewhere) are $30 for all five (Fri eve, Sat - Bkfast/Lunch/Dinner, Sunday - Bkfast), or $6 each. Basic cookware, cooking utensils, dinnerware, silverware, towels and linens are furnished by the park. You may want to bring your own pillow and a towel, as there are no extras provided.

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