Call State Senators, ask them to vote NO on HCR 29 on Senate floor - Update


HCR 29 tells USEPA to withdraw proposed guidelines for reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel fired power plants and urges the Louisiana governor and state attorney general to take legal action to prevent the guidelines from being implemented. Carbon emissions have been shown to be the primary cause of global warming and climate change. Louisiana is one of the states most vulnerable to catastrophic storms and land loss due to the combination of subsidence and sea level rise. Louisiana has excellent potential for re-allocating dirty electric power generation to clean sources including natural gas, renewable energy including wind and solar, and energy efficiency. Movement toward clean energy would create jobs and keep energy investment dollars in the state. Louisiana has a dynamic economy that could enable the state to be a leader in the transition to clean energy. But HCR 29 says that Louisiana wants nothing to do with it. We think this resolution is a bad idea.

House Concurrent Resolution 29 is on the calendar to be called up at any time. We have slowed this one down but we do not believe that the Entergy and coal lobbyists will let this one die quietly. We need to continue our phone calls to Senators asking them to vote NO on HCR 29 when it comes up for a vote. The state legislative session ends Thursday, June 11.

You can find contact info for State Senators at:
OR you can find State Senators at:

We ask you to call your own Senator but also call some others. They all count calls for and against legislation being considered.

Update - HCR 29 was passed by the Louisiana House and Senate despite our statements before legislative committees and lobbying against it. Thanks to all who made phone calls and to LEAN for their support in opposing the resolution. This again confirms that Louisiana state government is firmly controlled by fossil fuel industries.

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