Trail Guide to the Delta Country

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Delta Chapter and Groups have embarked on a project to update the Delta Trail Guide. The guide was last published in 1997 and there have been many changes to the landscape and to availability of public spaces since then. The New Orleans Group was the focal point of much of the effort in the earlier editions and continues its leadership in revising the guide. Devin Martin, Conservation Coordinator has developed a matrix showing all the outing locations so we can keep track of progress. We have a standard fill in the blanks form that can be used by teams and individuals to go out and update the description for each trail. If you like to “do trails” on your feet or in a boat you could be a big help to our project. We have about 100 trails and outings locations to update so any and all are invited to help. Project coordinator is Harvey Stern

You can click below to see lists of trails from the 1997 edition of the Trail Guide to the Delta Country published by the New Orleans Group of Sierra Club Delta Chapter.

Attachments Descriptions
Trail Guide 1997-1 includes River Canoeing, Swamp & Marsh Canoeing and Bike Trails
Trail Guide 1997-2 Includes Hiking and Backpacking Trails
Trail Blazers trail template 6-7-2013 is the template to use when gathering information about a trail for updating the Trail Guide.

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