Delta Country Trail Guide - Swamps and Marshes

Swamps & Marshes Canoeing Map

Immediately below you will see a list of the canoeing routes in swamps and marshes that are described in the book, and below that you will find a map keyed to the numbers in the list. There are several sections new to the 1997 edition here, as owners of the older editions can see.

The Directory section of the book provides addresses and phone numbers of outfitters, canoe rentals, parks and other agencies, and others who can help you to enjoy the unique swamps and marshes of the Delta Country.

These are the canoeing routes in swamp and marsh areas that are described in the book:

1 Barataria Canoeing
2 Bayou Sauvage NWR
3 Porters River (Pearl R. Basin)
4 Peach Lake (Pearl R. Basin)
5 From Lock #2 (Pearl R. Basin)
6 Bayou Labranche
7 Manchac Swamps
8 Middle Bayou - Stinking Bayou
9 Blind River
10 Cane Bayou
11 Gray's Creek
12 Alligator Bayou
13 Bayou Chevreuil
14 Lake Martin
15 Bayou Pigeon (Atchafalaya Basin)
16 Two O'Clock Bayou (Atchafalaya Basin)
17 Little Bayou Sorrel (Atchafalaya Basin)
18 Bayou Gravenburg - Buffalo Cove (Atchafalaya Basin)
19 Henderson Swamp (Atchafalaya Basin)
20 Sherburne WMA (Atchafalaya Basin)

Delta Country Trail Guide Part 1

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