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President should Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline

February 15, 2014 Letter to the Editor, Lafayette Advertiser

Editorial opinion in The Advertiser on Feb 9, 2014 in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline misses a hugely important point, as does most commentary on the proposed pipeline project. Contrary to oil and fossil fuel industry interests which are confined to promoting short term growth within their industries, the President is charged with broader concerns including the long term prosperity, safety and security of the country. This has to include planning for adaptation to the effects of climate change and reduction of those effects where possible.

Proposal for New Coal Export Terminal in Louisiana Faces Major Setbacks

After one year, the RAM Terminal has still not received Clean Water Act permits from the Army Corps of Engineers

July 11, 2013

Gulf Restoration Network: Scott Eustis, (504) 525-1528 x212,
Sierra Club: Devin Martin, (985) 209-5454,
Public Citizen Contact: Kaiba White, (512) 477-1155,
PREI Contact: Cornell Battle, (504) 578-2319

Senator Vitter Pays High Compliment to Lisa Jackson

Jordan Blum reports yesterday that Sen. David Vitter has called Lisa Jackson, of New Orleans, "the worst EPA head ever." If I were Lisa Jackson I would take that as a high compliment coming from Sen. Vitter.

Renewable Energy Standards Under Attack

Organizations sympathetic to the fossil fuel industry, particularly the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) have launched a nationwide campaign in state legislatures to reverse years of progress in establishing Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in states. A great article from inside climate news provides an overview of the attack and a tally of states where RPS are threatened.

Louisiana Goes for Last Place Again

On Feb 27 the Louisiana Public Service Commission vacated the state’s energy efficiency rule that had been adopted at their December meeting. The rule had been carefully crafted over a three year period in which testimony was taken from stakeholders and interested parties. The Louisiana rule had been modeled after the Arkansas rule which was widely considered to be a reasonable solution. There are 46 other states that have energy efficiency rules that require power companies to establish incentives for residential and commercial energy conservation.

Environmental Groups file protest to proposed BLM leases for fracking in the Kisatchie National Forest

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Louisiana Audubon Council, Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club and seven other environmental organizations have submitted a protest to the Bureau of Land Management’s planned offering of sixty-six lease parcels at the September 13, 2012 oil and gas lease sale. The parcels are publicly owned lands in the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana, and areas where the federal government owns minerals beneath private lands within the boundaries of the Bienville and Homochitto National Forests in Mississippi.

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