Public Service Commission Vote on Net Metering Rule Postponed Again

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LPSC update, May 21, 2013 Public Service Commission Vote on Net Metering Rule Postponed Again

The Louisiana Public Service Commission met today, May 21, 2013 to vote on the Net Metering Rule as one of its agenda items. Once again, Commissioner Clyde Holloway was forced to postpone his proposal to reduce the rate that solar panel owners get for their produced electricity because he did not have three votes on the five member commission. This represents a victory for solar advocates and shows the results of our calls to commissioners asking them to leave the Net Metering Rule as it is. Thanks to all of you who made calls to commissioners, it worked !

Commissioner Lambert Boissiere started a discussion about the instability caused by Holloway continuing to threaten a vote against the Net Metering Rule with every successive meeting. Solar installers and potential solar customers are in a state of uncertainty which could put a chill on the rate of solar installations. Boissiere spoke in favor of having the vote today so that the issue would be decided but other commissioners were unwilling to make a final decision. So we will be back next month for the LPSC meeting on June 19. And once again we will be asking for you to help keep the pressure on by calling all five commissioners to ask that they not make changes to the Net Metering Rule.

Thanks again to everyone for your help in defending Louisiana’s small but growing solar industry from a public service commission that has become more politically motivated and less consistent in its rule making.

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