Scenic Rivers on a Roll

The Sierra Club campaign to elevate the visibility and effectiveness of the Louisiana Scenic Rivers Program is on a roll. On Feb 23 we organized and presented a Scenic Rivers Panel at the Tulane Environmental Summit. A room full of people learned about the legal basis, the history and the practical effect of the Louisiana Scenic Rivers Act. The panel was organized by our Scenic Rivers campaign leader Hugh Penn.

Second, the Delta Chapter has several wins to report. In the time we have been working on this, the Secretary of DWF has agreed to write new Management Plans for the Scenic Bayou Liberty, the Scenic Bayou Manchac and the Scenic West Pearl. These three new plans will serve as templates for other new plans state wide and will result in better protection of existing water quality, wilderness qualities and scenic values.

We are also working with LDWF to improve their website for use by the public. We are working to persuade LDWF to post the eight hundred (800) existing Scenic Rivers Permits, all 63 Management Plans and new Applications for Scenic Rivers Permits online for public comment.

The Louisiana Scenic Rivers Act is one of the best statutes in the country for helping to preserve and enhance natural streams. The Act was passed into state law in the early 1970’s and if administered with adequate resources could be one of our most effective tools in helping to protect natural places in Louisiana.

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