John Turley Pushes for Bioremediation of Oil Spills

Haywood, Lillian and John
John Turley in Lafayette flyer

John Turley, Petroleum Engineer and offshore industry expert in his presentation for Sierra Club Acadian Group on April 17 identified the sequence of events that caused the BP Macondo well blowout on April 20, 2010 and the subsequent oil spill disaster in the Gulf. In response to questions he discussed the problem of toxic dispersants and the emergence of information about better alternatives. A key issue is that BP used the toxic dispersant Corexit because it had been preauthorized by EPA. News reports at the time said that even when EPA asked BP to use less toxic alternatives BP continued with massive quantities of Corexit because (they said) that was the only dispersant agent available in sufficient quantity.

Mr. Turley spoke about one non-toxic, faster acting, enzyme-based bioremediation agent called OSE-II. The problem as stated by Mr. Turley is that it is misclassified by EPA as a bacteria-based product which cannot be approved for oil spills in U.S. navigable waters. But in reality OSE-II is an enzyme based product that does not introduce new bacteria to an ecosystem but stimulates naturally occurring bacteria to eat oil. Mr. Turley says that future hydrocarbon spills will use the same ineffective Corexit method unless EPA can be convinced to approve the less toxic alternatives.

See Mr. Turley’s comments about bioremediation in this video clip made by Cherri Foytlin:

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