Senator Vitter Pays High Compliment to Lisa Jackson

Jordan Blum reports yesterday that Sen. David Vitter has called Lisa Jackson, of New Orleans, "the worst EPA head ever." If I were Lisa Jackson I would take that as a high compliment coming from Sen. Vitter.

The story reports hostile comments by Vitter on the nomination of Gina McCarthy for Administrator of US EPA. The list of charges leveled by Sen. Vitter looks like the usual grab bag of unfounded accusations made against EPA in response to that agency's effectiveness in doing its job. In the same article Sen. Barbara Boxer says "Gina McCarthy, you are one of the best qualified nominees ever to come before this committee, your combination of experience, intelligence, energy, expertise and integrity will make you an effective EPA administrator."

Sierra Club is asking people all over the country to make calls, send emails and letters in support of Gina McCarthy’s nomination for Administrator of US EPA.

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