Net-Metering in Louisiana Slated for Execution

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This information comes to us from our friends at Alliance for Affordable Energy and is repeated here because of its importance to the future of the solar industry in Louisiana.

Unless we all step forward to defend it, Louisiana will be the 1st state to eliminate solar net-metering. Under current law in Louisiana (and every other state), all energy generated by solar customers belongs to them. Every kWh they feed onto the grid they are entitled to a credit worth a kWh in return. At the end of the month the customer owes the utility the base customer charge plus whatever extra power they used over what they produced.

The proposed rule change will force these customers to sell their power to the utility at a fraction of its value (wholesale cost $0.03-0.04/kWh)), then the Utility is allowed to sell that same energy to other customers at retail prices ($0.08/kWh). Forest Wright, Regulatory Director for the Alliance for Affordable Energy said, "There is no precedent for this change anywhere in the nation. Cmmr. Holloway is using shoddy facts to excuse wiping out thousands of dollars of investment for solar families. This is nothing but a power grab for utilities."

You can read the comments submitted by Alliance for Affordable Energy to the LPSC here:

February Comments

March Comments

A helpful graphic is located here:

The decision will be made at the April 17 meeting of the Louisiana Public Service Commission on April 17, 2013. The meeting starts at 9:00 am. The location of the LPSC meeting is Natchez Room C-109, Galvez Building, 602 North Fifth Street, Baton Rouge 70821.

All are invited to review the comments and graphic so you are informed and come out to the meeting to show support for leaving the Net Metering Rule as it is with no changes.

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