Offshore Drilling Expert/Author to Speak at Lafayette Southside Library April 17, 2013, 7:00 pm

Eleven Crosses at Grand Isle

April 8, 2013

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Offshore Drilling Expert/Author to Speak at Lafayette Southside Library
6101 Johnston St, Lafayette, LA 70503
April 17, 2013, 7:00 pm

On this third anniversary of the Macondo disaster we can honor not only the 11 who died, but the 115 who survived and all of those who continue to work on this new ultra deep ultra high pressure frontier.

Lafayette - John Turley spent two years studying Macondo well data and investigative reports and published a book in September 2012 about the drilling of the well and how it went wrong. That was months before announcements including BP's and Transocean's blowout-related, multi-billion-dollar criminal charges; the indictment of two BP company men; and BP's civil trial, which started 25 February 2013.

John Turley's goal in studying BP's Macondo blowout was to use his education and experience to cut through all the media and finger-pointing noise, so as to document the drilling of the 3-1/2-mile-deep well and the engineering, operating, and human causes of the disaster. Through those studies, he came away with a simple message for those touched by the disaster, for petroleum engineering students, politicians, regulators, the media, and for his oil-&-gas colleagues around the world. The message is this:

Only if we understand and care about
the cause of BP's Macondo blowout
will we know why it should not have happened
and why it should never happen again.

Mr. Turley's presentation is about his documented findings on this important oil and gas industry topic. This will be a one hour presentation with time for Q and A. The presentation is sponsored by Sierra Club Acadian Group.

John Turley began his offshore career as a company man for Tenneco out of Lafayette, Louisiana. He has worked as Gulf Coast drilling manager, operations manager, manager of worldwide drilling, and VP of engineering & technology for Marathon Oil. His academics include petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, ocean engineering at the University of Miami, and executive education at Harvard Business School. For additional information, see Mr. Turley's Website:

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