Sierra Club Endorses Foster Campbell for US Senate from Louisiana


Sierra Club Delta Chapter announces its endorsement of Foster Campbell for US Senate from Louisiana. We have known Foster Campbell for years as an advocate for clean energy and a fighter for fairness in energy taxation in Louisiana. We have watched his advocacy on the Louisiana Public Service Commission for Renewable Energy, fair treatment for residential and commercial solar users and for Energy Efficiency as the cleanest and cheapest way to make more electric energy available. He has been steadfast in defending the right of nonprofit groups and public citizens to be heard in LPSC hearings and proceedings. Campbell is the only Louisiana US Senate candidate to acknowledge human caused global climate change.

Foster Campbell has consistently fought in the interest of regular people and rate payers for affordable clean energy and has shown that he is not a paid servant of the big utilities and energy companies. No other candidate can match his record of public service and experience. We think he will do an excellent job as a US Senator representing the interest of regular people in our state on the national stage in Washington. We request and urge your vote and support for Foster Campbell for US Senator.

Between now and November 8 is a crucial time for us to show support for Foster Campbell. Please spread the word with your friends and neighbors.. If you want to volunteer with the Campaign be sure and let them know that you are a Sierra Club member. You can contact the Campaign at

Thank you,
Haywood "Woody" Martin, Chair
Sierra Club Delta Chapter

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