State Legislative Action Update, Apr 24, 2016

Louisiana Capitol Building

Apr 24, 2016 Update – Delta Chapter Legislative Action

First of all thank you for your calls and emails last week to legislators on the House Municipal Committee to stop HB 192, the plastic bag bill. Your efforts helped and the committee stopped this bill in its first hearing.

This coming week we will see three Green Army and Delta Chapter supported bills come up for hearing in House Natural Resources and Environment Committee on Wednesday, April 27. We are asking you to make calls and send emails to legislators on the committee starting Monday morning so they get the message before the 9:30 am hearing on Wednesday that there is lots of citizen support for the bills. The bills are as follows:

1) HB 11 by Rep Gene Reynolds of Minden prohibits the open burning of munitions and waste explosives. The bill would prevent inefficient and polluting open burns of explosives.

2) HB 469 by Rep Paul Connick of Marrero requires fence-line air monitoring systems for certain industrial facilities where air pollution threatens nearby communities. The technology for constant air quality monitoring has greatly improved. We want the technology to be used to protect fence-line communities impacted by heavy industry.

3) HB 553 by Rep Denise Marcelle of Baton Rouge designates five parishes (EBR, WBR, E. Feliciana, West Feliciana, & Pointe Coupee) as “critical areas of ground water concern,” limits conflict of interest on the part of members of the regulating commission, and limits large industrial ground water withdrawals in order to protect the resource. This will slow down the intrusion of salt water into the Southern Hills aquifer.

When you call the office of a member of the HNR&E Committee you should identify yourself, give a phone number and tell them where you live in Louisiana. Most of the time you will just be leaving a message with the staff person or on an answering machine. You can just say I support HB11, HB 469 and HB 553. If you are asked why you support the bills you can just use the words above that briefly describe each bill.

Contacts for members of the HNR&E Committee are at this link:

You can read the bills by typing in each bill number at this link:

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