Common Sense Solutions to Waste, Litter and Pollution at the City Level

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The New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club welcomes Max Ciolino from No Waste NOLA for their February 21, 2015 meeting. Max will speak about waste reduction initiatives that would provide needed sustainability improvements for New Orleans.

No Waste NOLA describes their work, saying that "Starting off 2016, we are really excited about everything this year will bring. No Waste NOLA is not just a small collection of advocates, but a community of New Orleanians that are eager to see common-sense waste reduction programs implemented in this city. We hope you will work with us in the fight for a sustainable New Orleans!"

"This year, we hope to:

1. Continue to advocate for a reusable bag ordinance

2. See the ordinance on the city council's calendar come to fruition

3. Host a major reusable bag giveaway in New Orleans

4. Unveil four additional waste reduction programs for New Orleans

5. Lay the groundwork for No Waste Louisiana

6. Begin setting up operations in nearby parishes

7. Sponsor social events"

"In 2015, we came into existence, and in 2016, we are going to prove that we're here to stay."


Audubon Zoo Dominion Auditorium - Free and open to all

TIME: 6:30 PM refreshments 7 PM to 8 PM program

Call 504-307-0187 for information.

Visit the New Orleans Group for any further information:

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