Dan Collins: Whistleblowing the La. DNR on Bayou Postillion

Whistleblowing Graphic - EFF Creative Commons

Baton Rouge Group of the Sierra Club will host Environmental Whistleblower Dan Collins to share his story about the dredging and canalization of Bayou Postillion in the Atchafalya Basin region.

During the course of his work as a contract employee, Collins, a Landman doing research on a public works project for the Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources, felt compelled to file a "whistleblower" suit against that agency. The case was heard by the State District Court in East Baton Rouge Parish last December and a significant ruling was issued in favor of Collins.

Read more about what happened in this piece from The Advertiser back in 2008: http://www.basinkeeper.org/Diggingfortruth.pdf

The Advocate has the story on the conclusion of the case:

Directions to the event on February 24 at the Backpacker in Baton Rouge:

Visit the Baton Rouge Group on their website for any late updates:

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