Another Louisiana Scenic River Saved From The Frackers

Frack well w impound.jpg

Sierra Club has been notified that Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has denied a request from Comstock Resources to withdraw 12,600,000 gallons of water from the Amite River in East Feliciana Parish for use in fracking for oil and gas. The water would have been withdrawn from the Scenic River, used for fracking and then disposed as hazardous waste.

Starting in summer of 2014 Sierra Club in Louisiana initiated action through written comments and demands for public hearings on five applications for permits to withdraw water from Louisiana Scenic Rivers for fracking operations in the Florida Parishes. Four of the permit applications were withdrawn and the last one (#906) went all the way through the process to public hearing. Information that came out in comments and in the public hearing was key to denial of the request for a permit to withdraw water.

Sierra Club’s written comments and demands for public hearings were supported by six other environmental organizations. The environmental organizations working to protect our Louisiana Scenic Rivers included Sierra Club, Gulf Restoration Network, Louisiana Environmental Action Network, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper, Ouachita Riverkeeper, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and Louisiana Audubon Council. Many other organizations and private citizens testified at public hearing in opposition to the proposed withdrawal of water and demanded information about potential damage to the Scenic River and to aquifers that provide drinking water.

Sierra Club in Louisiana wants to express its appreciation to all organizations and individuals who were involved in this public process. Sierra Club also wants to express appreciation for the work of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries personnel in responding to our requests for a public process as provided for in law.

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