Delta Chapter statement at Nov 6, 2014 meeting of LPSC


Statement before the Nov 6, 2014 meeting of the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding their intention to file comments to USEPA that are hostile to the USEPA Clean Power Plan.

Good morning I am Haywood Martin, Chair, Sierra Club Delta Chapter. Thank you for the opportunity to make a statement this morning. On behalf of our members I would like to urge the Commission to support the USEPA Clean Power Plan. The costs of inaction on climate change are just too great and are much higher than the costs of action to reduce carbon emissions.

Louisiana has 32 power plants emitting 51 million tons of carbon in 2013. Four coal plants accounted for 53% of the carbon pollution. The Clean Power Plan sets out a path to the goal of replacing our most polluting sources of electric power with Renewable (RE) sources and Energy Efficiency (EE). Recent Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in neighboring states are coming in at 2 cents/Kwh for wind and 5-7 cents/Kwh for solar. Energy efficiency programs can deliver new power at a cost of 5 cents/Kwh in Louisiana. RE and EE can reduce the millions of dollars in annual costs to import out of state coal to Louisiana. Maximizing the amount of zero pollution RE that Louisiana brings into the grid will help us meet the goals of the Clean Power Plan.

Costs of inaction are huge. Climate and weather disasters in 2012 cost the American economy more than $100 billion. This adds up to $300 per year for every US resident for 2012 federal weather and climate related payments. Louisiana spends $450 million/year (2012) to import Wyoming coal. In the 15 years from 2015 through 2030 that is roughly $6.75 billion from Louisiana families and businesses leaving the state.

We urge the LPSC and the State of Louisiana to adopt the overall goals of the Clean Power Plan and to move forward with a plan for Louisiana to convert electric generation to clean and renewable energy sources.


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