Update - LPSC Reinstates Energy Efficiency Programs


The Louisiana Public Service Commission on Oct 9 reinstated Energy Efficiency programs after having inexplicably suspended them on Sep 25. The reinstatement comes after expressions of outrage from citizens groups, energy efficiency contractors and suppliers and NGOs. Thanks to our friends at Alliance for Affordable Energy and to all who called or emailed their commissioners to say that we wanted our Energy Efficiency programs back on track. 

LPSC suspends scheduled implementation of Louisiana Energy Efficiency Programs

The Louisiana Public Service Commission adopted Energy Efficiency rules at its last public meeting of 2012 before expiration of the term of Commissioner Jimmy Fields. The Commission came back in 2013 with new Commissioner Scott Angelle and suspended the rules, starting a whole new round of public comment and testimony about the benefits of Energy Efficiency (EE) programs for the State of Louisiana. Commissioner Angelle came back with a proposal for voluntary EE programs and obtained commitments from three major electric utilities, Entergy, CLECO and SWEPCO to implement EE programs. Utilities had hired contractors to help implement the programs and small businesses were geared up to help homeowners and small businesses start saving money on the proposed program start date of Oct 1, 2014. 

Now, just days before the start date, the LPSC has suspended implementation of the voluntary programs that had been agreed to more than a year ago. The suspension comes with no real reason and with no commitment for when the voluntary programs would officially start. The only justification that any of us heard was that the commission staff “needed more time.” This is a woefully insufficient excuse from a state agency that has had more than a year to prepare. Contractors, small businesses and nonprofit groups are justifiably outraged at the apparently arbitrary suspension of the EE programs. No better reasoning was provided in the LPSC public meeting of Oct 1, in which the Commission tried to limit public comment expressing opposition to the programs suspension. We are asking people to contact their commissioners to demand starting the Energy Efficiency programs no later than Nov 1. We think that in this case phone calls to commissioners’ offices will be more effective but we have provided email addresses as an alternative.

Thanks for your attention and help, Woody Martin

Here are the numbers: 

Eric Skrmetta
LPSC District 1 - Eastern Louisiana
no email address provided
Scott A. Angelle
LPSC District 2 - Central Louisiana
Lambert C. Boissiere, III
LPSC District 3 - New Orleans
Clyde C. Holloway
LPSC District 4 - Southwestern Louisiana

Foster L. Campbell
LPSC District 5 - North Louisiana

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