Update on SB 469 May 30, 2014

Despite intense lobbying by Sierra Club, Green Army and our allies, SB 469 was passed by the State House, passed back to the Senate for concurrence on amendments and passed out of the legislature to the governor’s desk. The governor has supported this proposed legislation all through the process and there is no reason to believe he will not sign it though Sierra Club and other organizations will be requesting the governor not to sign and stating our reasons publicly. SB 469 is the most direct assault by the legislature on the South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority lawsuit against 97 oil companies for damage to coastal wetlands. The controversy is not over. We will still see this appear in court one way or another.

Sierra Club Delta Chapter and its allies want to thank the members of the Louisiana Senate and House who voted for coastal restoration by voting NO on SB 469. We also want to thank all of our legislative action team members who helped by calling and sending emails to legislators. We continue to believe that the oil industry should pay for its fair share of damage to coastal wetlands rather than leaving that cost to fall completely on taxpayers. 

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