Help Stop Senate Bill 79 - Latest update

Just after Hurricane Katrina Citizens in Louisiana fought for and won significant reforms protecting nonpolitical selection of members on the Flood Protection Authority boards. Voters overwhelmingly supported reform when they approved a 2006 constitutional amendment by more than 90% in Orleans Parish and more than 80% statewide. Those reforms specified that levee authority board members would be chosen for their qualifications and would be independent of political influence.

Now Senator Robert Adley’s Senate Bill 79 attempts to undo reforms that were supported overwhelmingly in 2006. SB 79 would take us back in time, back to when politics dominated the selection of levee board members. SB 79 would enable the governor to stack the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority Board with political appointees who would vote to stop the lawsuit seeking damages from oil companies for the destruction of our coast. We are fighting to preserve the political independence of a nominating process that finds qualified members to promote flood protection and public safety.

Please contact members of the Senate Transportation Committee, especially Senators David Heitmier of New Orleans (504)361-6356,, Gary Smith of Norco (985), and Sherri Smith Buffington of Keithville (Caddo-Bossier), (318)687-4820. Ask them to vote no on SB 79. You can see all the members of Senate Transportation Committee at

This bill is likely to come up in Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, March 26. Please make your calls on Monday or Tuesday.

Update: Sen Adley says he will not be bringing SB 79 up in Sen Transportation Committee this week (Mar 26). Thanks everyone for your calls. Every call helps to let them know we are not going to let this one slide by. 



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