Special Alert - Please help us stop Senate Bill 469 in the Louisiana Legislature


Please ask State Representatives to vote NO on SB 469

Your help is needed to stop SB 469 by Sen Brett Allain and Robert Adley when it is considered on the floor of  the Louisiana House of Representatives on May 29 or 30th.

Present law specifies that the secretary, the attorney general, an appropriate district attorney, or a local government may bring injunctive, declaratory, or other actions to ensure that only permitted activities may be conducted in the coastal zone.

The proposed law removes the authority of Levee Boards from being able to bring such legal action.

This is the most direct assault yet on the South Louisiana Flood Protection Authority (SLFPA) lawsuit against oil companies for damage to our coastal wetlands. We want to stop SB 469 so that the SLFPA complaint can be heard in court instead of being scuttled by a new law that retroactively kills complaints against the oil companies.

These are some points you can make to legislators:

  • SB 469 should not go forward. Let the truth come out. We want the SLFPA lawsuit seeking compensation for damages to our coastal wetlands to be heard in court.
  • SB 469 will retroactively kill legal actions currently in process.
  • SB 469 is a blatant attempt to make taxpayers pay for damages that oil and gas companies did to our coastline. Why shouldn’t oil and gas companies, which admit they contributed to the damage, pay part of the cost to repair it?
  • The state should have taken the lead on this issue and held the parties causing coastal damage responsible. The flood protection authority wouldn’t have had to be involved. However, someone has to protect the interests of the people of this state, not just the interests of the 97 oil companies involved.

Please call or email Representatives, especially in your area of the state before Thursday, May 29. Ask them to vote NO on SB 469, and please vote to make it prospective only (not retroactive) if such an amendment is offered.  

You can use this link to find Representatives in your area:


If you want to have the most effect you can call state reps on this list of “swing votes.” The best thing is if you could do both, call or email your reps and call or email those on this list of swing votes. 

Thanks for your help. 

List of Swing Votes is in the following attachment:

SB 469 HouseFloorTicSheet UNDECIDED TargetContactsYellow.pdf13.6 KB

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