Job Advertisement - Conservation Program Manager

December 14, 2014

Job advertisement as follows:

Conservation Program Manager
Sierra Club Delta Chapter in Louisiana

Compensation: $42,000 annual plus benefits
Reports to: Delta Chapter Chair
Work Setting: Mobile office, in state travel

The Sierra Club Delta Chapter seeks an experienced, self-directed, and collaborative staff person to join our statewide organization supporting Sierra Club environmental objectives. The staff person would organize and implement conservation programs, campaigns, and initiatives according to priorities set by the Executive Committee. Current priorities are reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, native forest protection, wetlands protection and air/water quality. The staff person would participate in the development of program strategies and conduct fundraising and volunteer recruitment activities organized around conservation objectives.

Another Louisiana Scenic River Saved From The Frackers

Frack well w impound.jpg

Sierra Club has been notified that Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has denied a request from Comstock Resources to withdraw 12,600,000 gallons of water from the Amite River in East Feliciana Parish for use in fracking for oil and gas. The water would have been withdrawn from the Scenic River, used for fracking and then disposed as hazardous waste.

Forest Wright Statement to Supporters of his Campaign for Louisiana Public Service Commission District 1

Forest Wright 2.jpg

In the past, Public Service Commission races have generated little to no interest... until now.

Because of you, this was one of the most followed and hotly contested races in Louisiana this year. Election night results had us separated by a slim margin, just 50.85% to 49.15%. This was an astounding achievement against a heavily favored incumbent spending nearly unlimited campaign cash and heavily backed by utilities companies and a political machine desperately clinging to the status quo.

Forest Wright for LPSC District 1 in the Dec 6 runoff election

Congratulations to our friend Forest Bradley Wright who on Nov 4 took the most votes in Public Service Commission District 1. Forest took 38.46% vs Eric Skrmetta's 36.95%. Third place finisher Al Leone took 24.58% so he will drop out and the two leaders will go to a runoff election on Dec 6. Erik Skrmetta is the incumbent for District 1 and has been the chair of the commission this year. Mr. Skrmetta has shown himself to be dead set against renewable energy, solar, energy efficiency or anything other than burning fossil fuels. And he admits to taking most of his campaign contributions from the utilities that he is supposed to be regulating. There are only five seats on the Louisiana Public Service Commission. So electing Forest could make a huge positive difference in energy policy for Louisiana.

Delta Chapter statement at Nov 6 meeting of LPSC


Statement before the Nov 6, 2014 meeting of the Louisiana Public Service Commission regarding their intention to file comments to USEPA that are hostile to the USEPA Clean Power Plan.

Good morning I am Haywood Martin, Chair, Sierra Club Delta Chapter. Thank you for the opportunity to make a statement this morning. On behalf of our members I would like to urge the Commission to support the USEPA Clean Power Plan. The costs of inaction on climate change are just too great and are much higher than the costs of action to reduce carbon emissions.

Update - LDWF will hold public hearing on Oct 29, 2014 to consider permit application to withdraw water from the Amite River for fracking


LDWF will hold public hearing on Oct 29, 2014 to consider Scenic River permit application #906 to withdraw water from the Amite River for hydraulic fracturing. The permit application is submitted by Comstock Resources to withdraw 12.6 million gallons from the Scenic Amite River. 

We are asking Sierra Club members and allies who are opposed to fracking in the Florida parishes to show up at this public hearing. You can also submit written statements to the hearing record. 

Delta Chapter Election 2014 Information Packet for Louisiana Sierra Club Members

The Sierra Club has long been an organization that takes an active interest in the democratic process and its impact on the environment. The environment is playing a major role in this year’s election, and the results will have a major impact on America’s laws for protection of clean air, clean water, natural places, and wildlife.

To help inform voters about the issues at stake in this year’s election, we’ve compiled the following packet of information.

Four of the five permits to be considered at public hearing have been withdrawn

Frack well w impound.jpg

In a victory for the environment four out of the five applications to withdraw huge amounts of water from our scenic rivers have been withdrawn. This represents a significant victory for Sierra Club Delta Chapter. We have been in the forefront of the battle to protect our Louisiana Scenic Rivers by keeping the oil and gas companies from using huge quantities of scenic rivers water for fracking in the Florida parishes.

Sierra Club had filed comments on all the applications for withdrawal of water from scenic rivers pointing to numerous areas in which insufficient or contradictory information has been provided. And we demanded that public hearings be held regarding the permit applications. A public hearing had been set for Oct 29, 2014 for five recent applications to withdraw water. That public hearing is in now in doubt because four out of the five applications to be considered at that hearing have now been withdrawn. We have sent a request for clarification to LDWF and will update you here. 

Recently withdrawn permits include #s 902, 903 and 911 on the Tickfaw River in St. Helena Parish, and #904 on the Amite River in East Feliciana Parish. The withdrawal of these permit applications means that we have saved a total of 75 million gallons of scenic river water from being turned into toxic waste. 

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